The Top Ten Reasons to Choose LCN for your Salon

1. The Healthy Choice
LCN light cured products do not use acetone, solvents or acids. Continued use of these types of solvents, especially acetone, will compromise the health of your clients' nails and poses a risk to nail artists due to long term exposure. With LCN light cured products, this health risk is eliminated and allows the nail artist and client to make a healthy choice without sacrificing results or performance. Of course LCN does not test products on animals in any way and conforms to EC Cosmetic Regulation No 1223 / 2009 which prohibits the testing of cosmetic prodcuts on animals in Germany and the European Union.

2. Superior Light Cured Products
Continued research and development and product improvements ensure the highest level of biocompatibility and lowest heat build-up during the curing process. LCN light cured products are highly durable, flexible to mimic the properties of the natural nail, and do not yellow under UV and sunlight.

3. Value
LCN offers some of the best cost per application value in the industry. We offer multiple product sizing options suitable for casual users to busy nail artists/salons. Download the Light Cured Product Brochure in the Professionals section to learn more. Our regular bi-monthly and seasonal promotions offer amazing deals on both new trend products and your essential every-day products. Be sure to check out the Promotions page to see our current deals and new products.

4. Customizable Solutions
LCN light cured products allow you to offer services according your preferences, and customized to the specific needs of your clients.  Clients with dry, brittle nails, weak, damaged nails and those with healthy normal nails all have different requirements for the types of products most suited to them. The LCN light cured product range allows you to create results that are tailored to your clients’ needs and achieve optimal results. Check out our UV Gels Page or download the Light Cured Product Brochure in the Professionals section to learn more.

5. Education
Proper, relevant and comprehensive education is the cornerstone of the LCN philosophy. Since 1989, LCN Canada has been providing education of the highest quality across Canada, with a balanced curriculum of both theory and practical work. LCN certification is recognized across Canada and the world. Employers and customers are confident that nail artists and estheticians with LCN certification are properly qualified and trained professionals. LCN offers introductory and advanced education in many esthetic fields, along with professional workshops showcasing the newest trends and techniques. LCN classes and workshops are taught by our Canada-wide network of highly qualified, experienced and passionate Educators, Senior Educators and Master Educators. Visit our Education Page to learn more about our classes, workshops and upcoming dates in your area.

6. Professional Support
LCN supports nail artists across Canada in numerous ways. Our popular education events allow professionals to learn about and try our newest products and trends. LCN is represented at industry trade shows across Canada, allowing you to interact directly with the LCN Canada Team. The Professional Resources section of the website contains many useful guides, videos, tips, tricks and information for new and busy nail artists alike. Keep up to date with our bi-weekly e-newsletter, with product and ingredient spotlights, and feature recent nail art contest winners and nail art galleries. Our Facebook Page is an excellent way to share ideas with LCN nail artists, and connect with Educators and consumers. Our toll-free support numbers connect you directly with LCN Canada, our in-house educators, customer service team and order desk. Check out the Contact Us page to get in touch.

7. Customer Demand
Today’s clients want to high quality products, excellent results and no compromise to the nail and their health. This means that clients are specifically asking for nail artists and salons who offer LCN. Professionals can connect with new and existing clients through our Facebook Page. LCN Canada and our Distributors continually refer consumer inquiries to top local LCN Nail Artists and Salons.

8. Creative Inspiration
The LCN website and bi-weekly e-newsletter feature many step-by-steps and application guides to inspire your creativity. Ready to share your work with the world and promote your nail art skills? Interact with LCN and our followers on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. The LCN Facebook Page is host to regular nail art contests with fun and exciting prizes up for grabs for the winners - along with bragging rights among your peers and increased recognition from existing and potential new clients. You can also browse our social media photo galleries for hundreds of nail art looks, all done using LCN products. Be inspired and have fun!

9. Product Selection
Whether you need basic hand and nail care products or want to expand into offering lucrative Permanent Make-up services, we have you covered!  LCN has products to support your salon services and retail needs. Our extensive range of products includes:
  •    Hand & Nail Care
  •     Foot Care
  •     Make-up
  •     Lashes
  •     Facial Care
  •     Permanent Make-up
  •     Waxing
  •     Equipment
Visit the LCN online product catalogue to discover our complete range of products, equipment, accessories, and merchandising and retail aides.

10. Availability
LCN products are available across Canada through an extensive network of reputable distributors. Professionals can also choose to use the LCN online store for maximum convenience and product availability.
LCN: Leading Nail Technology since 1985



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