LCN Classes List

Level 1 Artificial Nails-Beginner
5 Days
February 4, 5, 25, 26 & March 5, 2018
8:30am - 4:00pm

In this In this 5 day Level I Artificial Nails Course you will receive the comprehensive Theory and Practical training that will give you the knowledge and skills to become a successful Nail Technician. The class is taught with the LCN product line, the most advanced artificial nail technology in the world, manufactured in Germany and renowned for its superiority as a light cured resin system.  Various tip application techniques with light cured sculpting products are taught to create artificial nails with the most natural appearance possible. You will gain an understanding of different nail types, appropriate product use and chemical composition of products.  In addition you will learn proper salon and spa sanitation procedures in accordance with the Canada Health Act.

Course Outline:
Day 1 & 2
AM: In-class theory training
PM: in-class practical traning.  Model required, model fee applies

Followed by 2 weeks quota time to complete 6 full sets of nails
ay 3 & 4
AM: In-class theory training
PM: In-class practical training. Model required, model fee applies 
Followed by 2 weeks quota time to complete 9 sets of nails, including 3 nail fills 
Day 5 – Exam
AM: In-class theory training and Theory Exam.
PM: Practical Exam. Model required, 

Students must achieve passing grades in both Theory and Practical Exams to receive Certification.

Please ensure that the student is aware of the following: 
Ø  Responsible to find your own models
Ø  4 models required (Day 3 model must require nail fill)
Ø  Class Fee are non-refundable
Ø  Class times: Please check with your distributor
Ø  White Lab Coat and professional attire required (No jeans, sweats or runners)
Ø  Bring note pad, pen and lunch (food of non-offensive odour) for any full day class
Ø  $175 fee applies to reschedule a class
Ø  $175 fee applies for exam repeat
Ø  Course includes all in-class training supplies
Ø  Cell phones must be shut off during class times
The model must be informed of the following: 
Ø  Wear natural nails – Days 1, 2, 4, 5
Ø  Arrival Time
Ø  Arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to scheduled time
Ø  The length of time they are required
Ø  Cell phones must be shut off during class time

*Course Fee includes Training Manual and Student Product Kit valued @ $520.00
plus a Professional Artificial Nail Kit is included to complete model quota 

**NEW**Hair Removal Program
Eastern Esthetics Career College
12 weeks 300hours
Jan 15 - April 10 2018
2018 EECC hair removal program for web
300 Hour Program , 12 weeks (already in industry – ask us about reduced hours required)

This course teaches you everything you need to know to start your new career as an Hair Removal Technician. Including Waxing, Threading & Sugaring, WHMIS, First Aid Certificate. Course fee includes your kit, textbooks, lab coat, & examination fee. All product for in class use is supplied. On completion of course, receive your product kit, to start your new career.


Next Class Intakes : Jan 15th to April 10th Spaces are Limited  call us for details!
**NEW**LCN Micro Tapping
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
2 day
February 7-8, 2018
Complete your training as a Professional Micro Blade Technician. Micro tapping is the next step and compliments your service menu. The results after this class will teach you powdery shaded eyebrows and beautiful eyeliner.

Course Pre-Requisite : Must have your Micro Blade Certificate .

Includes Training Manual & Student Product Kit
LCN Captivating Lash Class
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
1 1/2 Day
February 7 & 8, 2018
9:00 – 5:00pm (class times may vary. Please confirm with Instructor or Distributor)
The perfect add-on treatment for any nail or beauty studio with excellent returns on a relatively small investment. With Captivating Lashes, LCN presents a new method of lash extension and lash densifying. These silk lashes are very comfortable to wear and give your customers a breathtaking look. They are available in different curls, thickness and lengths. They are easy to apply and a great regular source of income for your salon.

Course Pre-Requisite : Must hold a Make Up Artist Certificate or be an Esthetician. Includes Training Manual & Student Product Kit valued at $995.00

Students must complete 4 documented practicums prior to receiving certificate
Nail Technology Upgrade Program
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
3 days
Call for next date!
9:00 to 5:00
Artificial Nails for Estheticians

The purchase of a Professional Artificial Nail Kit is recommended.

Learn the best Nail Technician skills and take your career to an exciting new level ! Artificial Nails is one of the leading areas of the Beauty Industry. LCN’s Level 1 Artificial Nails will teach you the skills necessary to become a successful Nail Technician. LCN has the most advanced nail technology in the world and is renowned for its superiority as a Light Cured Resin. Join LCN technicians from around the world and build a lucrative business as an LCN Nail Technician.

Course Pre-Requisite : Must Hold an Esthetics license with the Nova Scotia Cosmetology Association
Includes Training Manual & Student Product Kit

Day 1 and 2 Model @ 1:00pm
Day 3 Model @ 9:00am (Nail Fill) and Model @ 1:00pm (Full Set)

Micro Needling Anti-Aging Class
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
1 Day
January 31, 2018
A Great Add on to your service menu !!
Micro Needling is a cosmetic treatment, that enables us to work larger active ingredients deeper into the skin. Micro Needling effectively penetrates right up to the transition line between the Epidermis and Dermis to channel the active ingredients right into the problem areas. No injections are being used for this procedure. Active Ingredients, developed according to the latest technology, ensure an increase in moisture as well as a higher elasticity of the skin A revolutionary system for skin renewal – Anti-Ageing on a high level

Includes Training Manual & Student Product Kit Including a Portable Micro Needling Pen

Includes: LCN Skin Shots Ingredient Bar & a complete set of LCN Facial Care valued at $2600.00

Course Pre-Requisite : Must be an Esthetician .
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
$ 2875.00
3 Days
January 24-25, 2018 & March 7, 2018
9:00 – 5:00pm (class times may vary. Please confirm with Instructor or Distributor)
Microblading is a new semi-permanent eyebrow shaping technique lasting 1 – 3 years. This innovative technique is one you will want to learn to extend your professional portfolio. Using a hand tool method and multiple micro needles, this service is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. Our extensive theory and practical training will have you feeling extremely confident and ready to create beautiful brows once you have completed this comprehensive course. Followed by 6 week quota time - 4 quotas with a passing grade Quotas must be completed within 6 weeks. Students must receive a passing grade on 4 quotas in order to successfully gain certification.

Course Pre-Requisite : Must hold a Cosmetology License or be a Tattoo Artist.

Includes Training Manual & Student Product Kit valued at $1000.00
LCN Gel Polish Workshop
1/2 day
Call for next date!
Everyone is asking for Gel Polish.. Do you need a refresher ? Join us for a 2 hour workshop and we will help you fine tune your gel polish application and answer all your questions.

Pre-Requisite - Must hold a Nail Technician Certificate or be an Esthetician

Receive a LCN Product Kit valued at over $50.00
Nail Art Workshop
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
1/2 day
Holiday Nail Art

Bring your skillset to the next level; learn from one of LCN Canada's Top Nail Artists, The award winning Jennifer MacAskill. This ½ day work shop will teach you step by step instruction for incorporating the newest 'on trend' nail extensions! Jenn will answer & demo all of your nail art questions. Learn fast, simple and creative detailed hand painting designs that will impress all of your clients! This is a fun and exciting class you won't want to miss!
Lash Lift & Tinting Class
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
1 day
January 8, 2018
Eyelash Perming is a profitable and easy addition to your service menu. This simple procedure adds lift and the perfect curl to eyelashes using curling rods. This course teaches you both perming & tinting of the natural Lash.

Course includes Kit . 2 models are required for each student
LCN ~ Advanced Pedicure
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
3 Day
9:00 to 4:30
This 3 day Pedicure Course provides the comprehensive theory and practical training required to be a successful pedicurist. You will gain hands on experience in pedicure procedures, French polish application, precise polish application and foot & leg massage techniques will be
reviewed. With this 3-day course you will learn the techniques of specialized and advanced pedicure services. The course provides the comprehensive theory and practical training required to recognize and treat various foot and toenail disorders. This course also covers topics such as foot and toenail anatomy, diseases and disorders, diabetic and pregnancy foot care. You will also receive comprehensive hands on experience and knowledge in electric filing, corn removal and treatment of ingrown, deformed and fungal toenails. In addition, the course focuses on LCN’s Pedique, a revolutionary light cured resin designed for toenail reconstruction. We will l also review proper salon and spa sanitation procedures in accordance with the Canada Health Act.
The purchase of the LCN Pedique Starter Kit ( # DS-1412) is required to enroll in this class
Students must bring own electric file and bits to class. Available to purchase on day 1 if required.
Class Includes a Student Kit

Course Pre-Requisite: Must be a licensed Esthetician or Nail Technician
LCN Professional Nails Workshop
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
3 hours
Call for next date!
9:00 to 12:00
Learn to customize for all nail types and sculpt beautiful nails with LCN’s advanced technological Light Cured Resins. Like no other you will learn the array of products LCN has to offer and have the amazing opportunity to work hands on to see for yourself why LCN is #1 around the world !   This is an excellent opportunity to ‘Trouble-Shoot’ with the instructor if you are having any challenges.

Model is required
LCN ~ Wilde-Classic Pedique – Light Cured French Pedicure
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
½ Day 9:00 to 11:30
Call for next date!
Join us and learn one of the hottest looks for feet today! Your clients will be thrilled with their beautiful French Pedicured Toes !! Low maintenance, lasts all season, and looks fabulous. This is a fantastic way to earn more profit from NEW and existing clientele. Model is required, Must have healthy toenails.  Must hold a Nail technician Certificate  or be an Esthetician
LCN ~ Advanced Wilde-Pedique – Reconstruction
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
½ Day
Call for next date!
1:00 to 4:30
The purchase of the LCN Pedique Kit is required to enroll in this class. Students must bring own electric file & implements to class. With this course you will learn the techniques of specialized and advanced Pedique Reconstruction services. You will receive comprehensive hands on practical training for the removal of mykotic and detached nail plates incorporating an electric file. The toenails will be replaced by creating prosthetic toenails using LCN’s Pedique. This product is a revolutionary light cured resign designed specifically for toenails. You will also learn proper salon & sanitation procedures in accordance with Health Canada.

Corse Pre-Requisite: Must be
Esthetician or Licensed Nail Technician. Student must provide own model who has either detached, mykotic or deformed toenails.

Model is needed
Electric File Workshop
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
3 hours
Call for next date!
Skilled training and specialized techniques will help decrease your fill time and allow for more efficiency. Become comfortable with an Electric File and learn the proper usage of the different bit options, sanitization and disinfection procedures. This class will teach you the ins and outs of using an Electric File. Students are required to bring their own professional Electric File to class.

• Model required
LCN One on One Personal Workshop
Cosmetology Association Upgrade
3 hours
Call to book your appointment!
Are you struggling with certain techniques ? Have you been away from the nail desk for a bit and need a refresher ? Do you have your own challenges and need some one on one guidance.  Our Educator will book a date just for you and the two of you can work on your techniques and answer any questions you may have. 


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