High-end nail bar standing out from the rest, Glossy Island by LCN will catch your eye and maintain your interest.

Why LCN?

LCN is both a product and a service and has been a trusted brand in Canada for 30 years. It is the healthy choice,.
This product is strengthened with research and development to ensure it continues improving. These products are highly durable, do not yellow under UV or sunlight, and they are flexible to mimic the properties of the natural nail.

Do we match?

We are looking for people who are hard-workers and have positive attitudes. We want to find people who are like-minded, allowing us to be great business partners for years to come.
If you want to be heavily involved in your business and are passionate about what you do, then your background is merely an asset. Strong people skills are very important, being able to interact with your employees and your customers is a key attribute.

Which design?

The Glossy Island Nailbar has an open coffee bar atmosphere with personal communication to the customer. With no fixed appointment necessary customers find this concept practical, trendy and comfortable. The functional arrangement clearly distinguishes each area of activity and allows a comfortable workflow. With an overnight set up and one electric plug for the whole nailbar, the Plug & Play makes life a lot easier.

The Structure of the Nailbar

Designed for manicures and nail design the cube is a real space saver. This eye-catcher not only looks great, it demonstrates in its daily operation with its practicality and entices people passing by to take a seat. The Glossy Island Nailbar system comes in two different sizes:
  • Medium nailbar with 2-3 workplaces
  • XL nailbar with 4-6 workplaces

How Much?

To start a Glossy Island Nailbar approximately 100-125K should be accessible to you. This will include the cost of the Nailbar as well as the initial start up fee.

Bring Glossy Island to Your City
Glossy Island Nailbar is growing in Europe and now it’s Canada’s turn. With a strong product as the foundation and nails being a growing beauty trend, Nailbars will be very successful in the future.

Contact Us
Marsala Bay Ltd.
Lesley Doane – operations manager
(902) 233-0543



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